Intel Wishes to Bring Web in to TV

Posted by Editor in Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
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Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel, has made a commitment to the consumers tointel focus the company’s efforts on the consumer electronics industry. The company has also projected the revenue of more than $10 billion just from the internet enabled CE devices by the end of 2011. This also means that a quarter of the company’s income will have to come from sources other than computers.

Intel believes that TV is the largest medium in people’s life and it is the only medium that lags behind in the terms of functionality. The TV as well as the other CE devices has been optimized only for the playback purposes and hence their application processing is fairly weak. Intel intends to deliver a Media Processor such as the CE 3100 so that it can increase the functionality of the medium.

Internet is capable of bringing the overall riches of all the applications and services that are presently available. The subsequent stages for TV and the TV related devices would be the set-top boxes as well as the media players that would enhance the functionality along with the internet access. Intel wants to enter this medium at the same time as it can successfully preserve the simplicity of the television.

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