5 Most luxurious Blackberry Cases

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Blackberry Cases

Blackberry is one of the most wanted series of Smartphones all along the world and they are famous of their uncountable facilities and applications. It supports push email, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services which can give you a full support for the personal and professional life. The worth of blackberry handsets would be very clear to its owners and they will definitely try to place this small piece of magic in a very safe and nice place. Some people will just do anything to protect their small companion which is organizing their every task like a personal secretary.

Blackberry CasesPhoto by www.pdair.com

The blackberry should be given proper care and importance because of its unlimited services for your ease and it would be injustice if you keep it just like an ordinary handset. So the chief requirement of the blackberry handset is that it should be given that much respect as it gives to your work. Now if you want to give some more luxury to this marvelous piece of technology than you’ll need to read this article as here I am going to describe the 5 most luxurious casings for you blackberry handsets which will not only protect them but also give them a protocol like a king and they surely deserve it.

1. Alexander Amosu’s case for curve 8900

Price: $ 240,000

This is not in fact the casing it is a whole new luxurious blackberry. This can be easily called the world’s most luxurious blackberry the new curve 8900 which is produced by the famous designer Alexandra Amosu. This Smartphone has been completely painted with 18 carat gold and is covered with 28.43 carat diamonds. What could be more luxurious and stunning other than this mobile? This mobile is specifically designed for the elites and it has been notified that only 3 copies of this small piece of technological luxury have been developed.

Alexander Amosu’s case for curve 8900Photo by rob smith photography

The internal processing of this handset is not very different in functionality from the other blackberry Smartphones but the design and beauty of this set has made it superior on others. Amosu’s company, Alexander Amosu Ltd has been very popular for developing the revolutionary and luxurious gadgets and this Smartphone will earn better reputation for its developers among the people and as reported in a news media this design has been made 350 hrs were taken to build the cover, so they really deserve a huge round of a clause.

2. Case-Mate Diamond BlackBerry Curve Case

Price: $20,000

The earlier described gadget in this article was a whole new handset but the one I am going to describe now is the case for the blackberry phones. This is a remarkable casing you have ever came across, made up of carbon fiber leather which is actually made of gold and was specially designed for this case and further the gold has been glorified with 42 diamonds weighing 3.5 carats each. This kind of casing will definitely make your blackberry an antique decorated with diamonds and gold. This case was showed up to the world for the first time in CES 2008 and a lucky man had won one of these cases. If can afford the hefty priced case then you should go to glorify your blackberry.

Photo by case-mate.com

Photo by case-mate.com

3. Sena Magnet Flipper

Price: $49.99

This is another fantastic and luxurious casing brought to you by Sena and it fits for almost all sets of blackberry.  The dashing black color gives more style to your handset and it gives proper protection to your handset by covering it from all sides. It is made up of genuine European leather which is famous for its quality and durability and with that this casing comes in different so you can choose one according to your style. The style of this case makes possible the one hand use of the blackberry phone and the front covering protect the screen from scratches and accidental crash. So if you love your blackberry then you should go for it.

Photo by store.berryreview.com

Photo by store.berryreview.com

4. RexRegina Winston Luxury Case in Black Lizard Embossed Leather

Price: $49.95

This is another fantastic case for your blackberry which will increase its style and protect it completely. This case also fits with many models of blackberry and it is made up of Tuscan Lizard leather with an aniline dye not artificially colored with gives it a longer lasting color and brightness. This case features truly simple and clean design lines that looks great and make it easy to use so it is truly stylish casing which will enhance the beauty of your blackberry set and will protect it from the scratches and crashes. The belt clip with this case is not removable but this ensures that there are no chances of your case to get fall.

photo by store.berryreview.com

photo by store.berryreview.com

5. Otterbox Blackberry Defender Case

Price: $49.95

This one, as named is a full defender of your blackberry because it is having three layered protection for your handset. It ensures that all surfaces of blackberry fully remain covered at all times with a full visibility of trackball, keyboard and camera. The screen and keys are covered with thin sheet which ensures the full usability and the other casing has been made by polycarbonate shell and silicone skin. This case is also very dashing from the outlook and will bring up style to your most beloved blackberry.

These were some of the very fantastic casings for your blackberry handsets and they are both luxurious and stylish which will enhance the beauty of your blackberry handsets. As I have said before the fantastic capabilities of blackberry Smartphones have made them able to be protected and even decorated but the truth is that all the decorations are at no cost equal to the functionalities which your blackberry set provides you.

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